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Oregon Healthy Teens Survey 2019 (11th Grade) English/Spanish

Una versión en español de esta encuesta se encuentra disponible.  Si deseas realizar la encuesta en español, pincha en la barra de herramientas de selección de idiomas situada en la parte superior derecha de la pantalla (aparece "English") y selecciona "Spanish".  

Please help us improve student health and safety in Oregon by taking this survey. Your answers will help us understand the greatest risks that students face and which programs and services are needed most to help support students.

Thank you for taking this survey. We appreciate the time you're taking to answer our questions.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary. 
If you are not comfortable answering a question, you can leave it blank.
The answers you give will be kept private and confidential. No one will know how you answer. Survey results are combined and only reported for students overall or large groupings.

This is NOT a test. There are no right or wrong answers, and your participation in this survey is VOLUNTARY.

Please be honest with your answers.

Please do answer each question that you are comfortable with answering. Just because a question is asked, does not mean we believe you have engaged in a particular behavior or that it is appropriate. Each question has a response to indicate if you did not engage in that behavior. If you don't always find an answer that fits exactly, use the one that comes closest. If you are not sure what a question means, just leave it blank.

Please mark only ONE bubble or answer, unless the question specifically asks you to "Select one or more responses."